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Our complete activity booking system launches October 13, 2017!
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Aloha Outdoors Magazine

Our publication focuses on the spiritual journey through adventure in nature.
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What is Nature?

French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal said, “Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” If you were to look up the word nature in the dictionary, you would find several different meanings. The English...

Navigating the ‘Higher’ Self

Jungle Zipline Maui Canopy Tours’ seven zipline excursion will test your mental strength, have your heart beating and expand your knowledge of Hawai’i’s unique plant life. With two other zipline tours available, this two-and-a-half hour option offers adventurers a...


This year, an ambitious videographer hopes to be the first to document the birth of a North Pacific Humpback Whale. Maui resident Chris Cilfone is a marine biologist and cinematographer, and has spent a number of years exploring and studying a variety of marine life....

A Day trip to another world

Tradewinds whip through the harbor as I stand in line waiting to board the ship. Ma’alaea is the second windiest harbor in the world, and you can tell. Once everyone’s seats are secured, the tour sets to course and the winds calm. The day proceeds with clear waters...

Our Mission

Solving spiritual problems with natural solutions through
Hawaiian cultural programs and social activities.

Whether you’re looking for a connection with nature or a heart-racing adventure, our educated team is excited to share Maui with you. We offer a unique combination of activities providing you with a completely customized adventure. From land to sea, mountain top to deep sea diving, traditional Hawaiian Lū‘au

 to hiking and camping, you can experience it all with us.

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