A Hawaiian Cultural Retreat

Aloha Outdoors is excited to start a new conversation about Hawaiian healing that is intended to inspire & extend the true essence of “ALOHA.”

This conversation will begin under our new program,
titled “Kumu Ao.” In English, Kumu Ao translates to “teacher,” and those looking to learn more about Hawaiian healing techniques and culture will greatly benefit from this experience.

For centuries, Hawaiians have used a variety of techniques to heal the mind, body and soul. This wisdom is still very much applicable today and will be shared with those looking to explore Polynesian culture and medicine on “a deeper level. From their knowledge of plant medicine to their genuine understanding of the power of prayer, Kumu Ao offers insight on these practices that have been passed down for generations.

Kahu Lyons Kapio Naone, of Kipahulu, developed this new program under the guidance of numerous respected kupuna (elders). It is our mission to embrace the true lifestyle of Hawai’i and learn from our elders as we are guided to the enlightenment of freedom.

We invite you to share in this experience.
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