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Solving spiritual problems with natural solutons through Hawaiian cultural programs and social actvites.

ʻĪao Valley

If you're a hiking enthusiast, your Maui experience should include the trails of ʻĪao Valley. This centrally located valley just outside of Maui's Wailuku town offers a chance to be completely submerged in nature. Upon entering the ʻĪao Valley State Monument Park, the...

First Whale of 2017

Aloha Outdoors captured the following photographs on Oct. 11, signifying an early start for these sea creatures. Typically whale season doesn't start until December, with most whales spotted in February and March. According to a recent article in Hawaii...

Menehune Action

An installment of Kimo & Moké by artist Kala Veron.

A Day trip to another world

Tradewinds whip through the harbor as I stand in line waiting to board the ship. Ma’alaea is the second windiest harbor in the world, and you can tell. Once everyone’s seats are secured, the tour sets to course and the winds calm. The day proceeds with clear waters...

Navigating the ‘Higher’ Self

Jungle Zipline Maui Canopy Tours’ seven zipline excursion will test your mental strength, have your heart beating and expand your knowledge of Hawai’i’s unique plant life. With two other zipline tours available, this two-and-a-half hour option offers adventurers a...

What is Nature?

French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal said, “Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” If you were to look up the word nature in the dictionary, you would find several different meanings. The English...


This year, an ambitious videographer hopes to be the first to document the birth of a North Pacific Humpback Whale. Maui resident Chris Cilfone is a marine biologist and cinematographer, and has spent a number of years exploring and studying a variety of marine life....

Our first print issue publishes December 2017.

Meet the Aloha Outdoors Team

Kahu Lyons
Cultural Advisor

Through the practice of Iluna A’e, Kahu Lyons Kapi’ioho Naone continues to strive to reach the highest potential of peace within himself as well as help
others find peace and happiness.

Chris Olsten
Property Manager

Master mechanic and skilled sailor, Chris’ diversity of knowledge aides the continual growth of the Aloha Outdoors. He is charged with the management of all fleet assets from real estate to vehicles.

Brandon Matich
Principal Creator

Visionary aggregator of talent, Brandon has found his heart’s home in Hawai’i. Here he builds teams and creates opportunities for those that seek a sustainable and joyful life.

Drew Sulock Lead Photographer

Originally from Philadelphia, has lived in several exotic locales throughout the Caribbean before settling on Maui just over five years ago. Throughout his life, he has always been amazed by natural beauty both above and below sea level. Drew has spent his entire adult life working on the water, and is inspired to share this world with everyone through photography. Most often, photographs do not do justice to the stunning sights that are found in tropical environments, but occasionally they can leave a lasting impression to be enjoyed for many years. Capturing special moments of nature, and sharing these images is the main focus of Drew’s work. Living on Maui has proven to be especially inspiring to his photography. Consistently surrounded by one of the most spectacular environments in the world, it is still often challenging to capture these scenes in a unique way. Because of this, Drew dedicates many hours, even days and weeks, to capturing a certain scene at their grandest. This often leads to long photo shoots, and many attempts to capture the perfect image to present to his friends, family, and the public. In his images, you can see this effort pay off in the form of unique lighting, interesting animal behavior, or a well known view from a different perspective. He considers his work to be “artistic nature photography” because his main goal is to create images in which people will be inspired to immerse themselves in nature, while preserving such settings for future generations.

Megan Rose Moseley Editor

Megan Rose Moseley is a multi-platform journalist based in Hawai’i. Her experience ranges from long and short-form reporting to print, digital, radio and television news coverage. Since moving to Hawai’i in 2013, Megan has reported on a wide-range of local and state issues for several publications. She is a 2010 graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, where she received a Bachelors of Science degree in Magazine Journalism. In her writing, she focuses on using the fundamentals of storytelling to engage with readers and always strives to be fair, accurate and honest.

Jenn Carter Creative Director


Jenn is a artist and designer from the Midwest Mainland. She thrives on finding a balance between computer and nature by toggling from digital to tactile media like screen-printing and creating art from found objects. Since moving to Maui in 2014, through the magic of technology, she’s branded and developed many a company on Maui and the Mainland. She’s grateful and blessed to have found a home in Haiku where she can peacefully help others fulfill their dreams.

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